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1h Program Opening
7h Strategy and Planning for Tourism
7h Tourism Marketing and Business Plan
3h Leadership and Human Resources Management
3h Product, Service and Customer Satisfaction - case study and visit to Hotel Ritz Lisboa
3h Seminar on Investments and Financing for Tourism: Instruments, Funds and Opportunities

Guest Speaker

3h Winemaking Management - case study and visit to an Winemaking unit
3h Trends and Challenges in the Hotel Industry: Value Creation Opportunities
7h Comercial Strategies and Sales Management
3h Commercial and Marketing Metrics
3h Strategies for Investment and Growth in Hospitality and Tourism - case study and visit to the Martinhal Group
4h The Management of a Tourist Company - The case of the Pestana Group *
3h Final Project Coaching
3h Excellence in Customer Service and Empathy

Cristina Jardim

3h Digital Marketing for Tourism
3h Luxury, Service in Tourism and Client Experience
3h Negotiation and Conflict Management
3h Delivery and Presentation of the Projects
3h Tourist and Cultural Animation - strategy of action - case study and visit to the Parks of Sintra *


Executive Education - Open Programs

Ana Marisa Santos


Phone: (+351) 215 906 011


Elisabete Mendes

Turismo de Portugal, I.P.
Programa Avançado de Gestão para o Turismo
"The diversity and timeliness of the topics, aligned with the national strategy for the sector, contributed to the success of this program which is already part of the academic agenda for tourism executives."