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Negotiation Specialization Program


Executive Education - Open Programs

Mafalda Gato
Tel: (+351) 215 906 007

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20th Edition (in-person)*: stars on November 8th, 2021

*Applications open until November 1st, 2021

This program will be taught in portuguese

Classes: Mondays and Fridays, from 5:30pm to 9:15pm

Duration: 5 weeks | total of 37,5 hours


Program Description

Negotiating is quite a difficult task!

Moving from mere negotiating experience (knowing what has worked in the past) to specialization in negotiation (knowing why did it worked) is not an easy task, but it is critical for those who wish to overcome obstacles and achieve negotiating results of excellence.

However, is experience enough to make us expert negotiators? If so, experience should have a good answer for most of business dilemmas, such as:

  • In a negotiation, is it suitable to make an initial  proposal or is it better to wait for a proposal from the other party and then making a counteroffer?
  • In a negotiation that  involves several negotiating matters, is it preferable to negotiate question by question  or many questions simultaneously?
  • Who makes a business proposal should first present it and then justify it? Or instead, first present the reasons and only after the business proposal?

If we have difficulties with the matters above, which are common and basic in negotiation, what should be done when difficulties increase and situations become more challenging?

For instance, how to negotiate from a weakness position? Or how to deal with international negotiation? Or how to react when a number of stakeholders around the negotiating table increases significantly?

The Negotiation Specialization Program aims to respond to these challenges by ensuring a solid training in advanced negotiation, and providing techniques with immediate and practical application.

See below what the program coordinator and participants say about this program:

Main Benefits

  • Master strategies to create and claim value in a negotiation;
  • Acquiring tools to establish lasting business relations;
  • Approaching negotiation not as threats but as opportunities;
  • Overcoming problems of reason and heart, by avoiding misunderstandings in negotiation;
  • Resolving conflicts through the reconciliation of interests;
  • Negotiate effectively with difficult people;
  • Dealing with complex negotiation situations.


In this program, an essentially practical and experience-based approach will be used, namely by emphasizing learning through role-plays, which participants will receive two types of feedback:

  1. Comments from other participants in the simulation;
  2. Comments of the professor on the analysis of the negotiation results in plenary session.

Through this methodology, each participant will have an intense experience of negotiation moments, allowing them to draw general conclusions of negotiating situations they are confronted with in their daily life.

João Matos, Program Director, presents some insights about The Lie:

João Matos, Program Director, presents some insights about Speak or Listen First:

João Matos, Program Director, presents some insights about Handle the Fury:



Adolfo Silva

Brose Sistemas de Fechaduras para Automóveis Unipessoal Lda
Programa de Especialização em Negociação
"The content and form of the program, combined with the excellence in which it is given, make it an asset for anyone who wants to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their performance."

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