“Anticipation and evolution are the keys to success, and the only sure way to survive in the medium term. Nothing can be left to chance nowadays - from conception to design, partnerships to financing or logistics to marketing. Those with the best preparation will be the ones most able to overcome difficulties and take advantage of opportunities.
This is even more the case for Portugal, which has a high density of SME within its business framework. We depend more on other countries, companies and markets, and therefore on knowledge and information which is, in theory, external to us. The capacity to gain access to this knowledge and information, and to process it, is crucial, allied to the ability to work as part of a network with high standards of efficiency using the latest techniques and methods. IAPMEI is a State institution which aims to prepare our SME for these challenges of accessing knowledge, constant innovation and optimization of management. It is therefore only natural that this institution seeks out the best partners to aid it in fulfilling this mission which is of paramount interest to the country. This alliance with CATÓLICA-LISBON in the creation of this Program is, therefore, equally natural.”

Luís Filipe Costa
President of the Board of IAPMEI between 2008 e 2014



Executive Education - Open Programs

Patrícia Rodrigues

E-mail: prodrigues@ucp.pt

Phone: (+351) 217 214 220




Sílvia Costa

Gestora de Marca
Mendes Gonçalves, S.A
Programa de Desenvolvimento em Gestão e Liderança para PME Líder
"Inspirou-me a olhar para a estratégia da minha marca de forma crítica e inovadora."