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Leading and Energizing Teams for Performance


Executive Education - Open Programs

Andreia Hidalgo 


Phone: (+351) 215 906 000

More Information

10th Edition*: starts on February 4th, 2022

*Applications open until January 28th, 2022

This program will be taught in portuguese

Classes: Fridays, from 5 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and Saturdays, from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Duration: 11 weeks | total of 57,5 hours                                          


Program Description

Changing contexts, uncertainty, and remote work highlight the limitations of tough and outdated hierarchies of command and control.

In this program, we explore the collective leadership practices to motivate talent and empower the agile teams, aligned with the organization’s goals.

We polished the techniques to structure and stimulate teamwork, communication, problem analysis, and the discussion of ideas, keeping in mind the goal to answer the new challenges, managing change, improve solutions and obtain results.

We look for ways to request and integrate other’s ideas, giving voice to different perspectives, stimulating an attitude of curiosity, learning, and resilience.

You will have the opportunity to reflect on the present and future challenges that are purposed to his team, discuss the action strategies and plan the techniques whit promote agility, collective responsibility, and the trust that sustain the teams of high performance.

Main Benefits

  • To create the collective responsibility basis, commitment, and team’s connection;
  • Look for ways to empower the teams in agile environments;
  • Engage dialogues that boost up the problem solving and team’s development;
  • Communicate with impact and justice sense, motivating the team to the action;
  • Organize the work and the tasks to create agile answers and reach goals;
  • Enhance group’s smartness, experience, and creativity to surpass new challenges;
  • Improve processes of decision making as a team;
  • Motivate the team to change initiatives.



  • Individual and group coaching sessions;
  • 360º Questionnaire to explore the strengths and the improvement points;
  • Individual preparation project. 

See below what our coordinators and participants say about this program:




Sérgio Lopes

Chefe de Vendas de Veículos Comerciais Pesados
Mercedes Benz, Comercial
Leading and Energizing Teams for Performance
"The knowledge of the teaching staff, the experiences, the commitment and the energy deposited in the real challenges of the participants were the engine of individual and collective achievement lived in this program."