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Common Core*

*All participants will be required to complete at least four of these modules.

- Organizations Management and Strategy
- Financial Accounting
- Human Resources Management
- Marketing
- Finance
- Team Management with Emotional Intelligence
- Negotiation
- Digital Transformation

Generalist Training

The generalist option is aimed at staff who are seeking comprehensive training in management which will allow them to acquire a broad vision of the various functional areas involved in managing a company with a more dominant component of modules from the Common Core.

Marketing Specialization

The Marketing specialization is aimed at staff connected with commercial activity, and those who, despite working in other areas, feel the need to gain a better understanding of the commercial area, with a view to improved performance at the multidisciplinary level.

- Brands and Communication
- Distribution Channels Management
- Comercial and Sales Forces Management

Finance Specialization

The Finance specialization is aimed at those involved in taking financial decisions, both at corporate level and also in the more specific area of financial services.

- Financial Analysis
- Financial Markets
- Analysis of Investment Decisions
- Management Control


- Economics for Managers
- Communicate Effectively


- Improving Performance: Creativity and Total Brain
- Strategic Marketing in Social Media
- Company Visit

- Linkedin and Networking


Executive Education - Open Programs

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