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General Management Program


Executive Education - Open Programs

Andreia Hidalgo 


Phone: (+351) 215 906 000

More Information

2021 Edition
1st intake: 
start on January 9th or 16th (SOLD-OUT)
2nd intake: start on March 6th or 20th (SOLD-OUT)
3rd intake: start on April 10th (SOLD-OUT)
4th intake: start on May 15th or 22nd (SOLD-OUT)
5th intake: start on June 19th or 26th (SOLD-OUT)
6th intake: start on July 17th (SOLD-OUT)
7th intake: start on September 4th (SOLD-OUT)

2022 Edition
1st intake:
start on January 8th (Applications open)

Classes: Saturdays, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Duration: 143 hours

Participants can choose between a Generalist Option and a Specialization in Marketing or Finance.

This program will be taught in Portuguese.

Applications open

Program Description

The PGG - General Management Program, as well as the PAGE - Executive Program in Advanced Management, provide a general training in Companies Management. It differs because it is aimed for leaders and companies’ boards, within an age range, in general, younger with great potential and talent, and intend to empower themselves to become future managers. It is addressed to professionals in distinct areas, who do not have training in Management.

The program has a first generic part (modules of the common core), which discuss about fundamental areas of Management, and a second one dedicated to modules of further development in areas such as Marketing and Finances. It also introduces a set of forums of current themes and of big relevance.

Format compatible with the professional activity

The PGG was designed in training model totally compatible with a professional activity in full time, involving in-person sessions, every two weeks, at Saturdays, and the use of an online platform. The program might start on January, February, March, April or May.

A modular and flexible program

Each one of the participants shall attend 8 modules and 2 forums, always using a facilitator methodology of time managing and online learning. 

Main Benefits

  • Acquiring an integrated perspective of management functions and of how companies and organizations operate;
  • Expanding their network of contacts with staff who are progressing in other companies;
  • Successfully combining a demanding professional activity and busy personal life with quality training, due to the methodology used;
  • Option to choose the modules best suited to personal career development.

Program’s operation

The General Management Program (PGG) presumes an attendance of eight modules, each one with a duration of two presential sessions at the University, two Saturdays of each month from 9 am until 6:30 pm, and a Saturday for each forum, always using a facilitator methodology of time managing and distance learning, the B-Learning.

The PGG is structured for a flexible attendance, in order to finish it in 9 months (more intensive); 1 year (media) or until 2 years (with the possibility to leave the modules until the next 2 years, without any extra cost).

Flexibility in Speciality’s choice

The participants may choose one a generalist formation or a specialization in Marketing or Finances​

Generalist Training in Management: 8 Modules + 2 Forums

Specialization: 4 modules from the common core + 4 modules of one specialization area + 2 forums

Generalist Formation in Management
Dedicated to the seniors who pretend to acquire a wide vision in several different functional areas in management of a company. It is involved a bigger component of modules from the Common Core.

Specialization in Marketing
It is aimed to seniors connected to the commercial activity, as well as those who, even working in other functional areas, feel the necessity for a better comprehension of the realities of this area.

Specialization in Finances
It is aimed to those who are involved in financial decision-making, either company level, and in a more specific camp of financial areas.

B-Learning Methodology

  1. In-person sessions at University’s facilities, in Lisbon, where it is developed group works, suggest themes, perform high-level seminars, present themed videos and play management games. It is also in these in-person sessions where it is rated the acquired skills, through examinations and individual and group practical works;
  2. Permanent online support, being provided to each one of the participants the access to a platform which allows the continuous communication between the participants and the teaching staff, as well as the consultation of important support materials such as presentations of the teachers during the class, support texts, exercise resolution and interactive applications;
  3. Didactic materials developed specifically with this end, by the teaching team.

Key facts

  • 9 out of 10 participants recommend the program;
  • Two thirds of the participants grew inside their companies, and more than a half felt that the PGG was an essential tool to leverage a professional change;
  • More than 90% developed critical skills, which were applied in their professional lives.


Nuno Soares

Gestor BES 360º
Banco Espirito Santo S.A.
Programa Geral de Gestão
"Participating in PGG allowed me to approach and deepen subjects that are important in..."