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Maria Antonieta Ribeiro

Brisa Auto-Estradas de Portugal S.A.
General Data Protection Regulation Program

After having attended numerous training sessions about RGPD, I could not resist enrolling in the first edition of the General Data Protection Regulation Program. The issues addressed and the faculty were decisive for this decision. This course exceeded my expectations. It is a multidisciplinary program, suitable for different grassroots formations (Legal, IT, Marketing, HR), in which the sharing of knowledge and experiences are extremely useful for all who work or intend to work in this area. It has a very important practical side, achieved in a group work, with the support of the coordinators of the program, which allowed me to apply the knowledge to concrete and truthful cases. Finally, the support materials provided are an invaluable help for my day-to-day work.
I recommend this program to all who need or want to know more about personal data protection. I congratulate the Universidade Católica for this amazing program.


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