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1h Program Opening
3,5h Digital Transformation: Introduction
3,5h Boostrapping Digital Transformation
7h Design Thinking
7h Business Models and Digital Platforms
3,5h Digital Transformation: Frameworks
3,5h Big Data
3,5h Workshop Microsoft Analytics

Guest Speakers

7h Digital Strategies
3,5h Digital Transformation: Aplicação Prática, Town Hall
3,5h Seminar: Concrete Cases of Digital Transformation in Portugal

Guest Speakers

7h Marketing Digital
3,5h Digital Transformation: Practical Application, Generating Solutions
7h Communicating Change in Ways that Motivate Employees
3,5h Perspectives on Emerging Technologies

Guest Speakers

4h Final Groupwork Presentations


Executive Education - Open Programs

Tânia Sousa


Phone: (+351) 215 906 007


Fernando Braga

Direção Operacional de Produtos
Digital Transformation: Reinventar as Empresas na Era Digital
"The faculty gives us a magnificent experience of sharing knowledge, expertise and network."