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Pedro Celeste and Joana Santos Silva, Program Directors, detail the contents of the program:


Block I: Digital Marketing Strategy

1,5h Program Opening
3,5h Strategic Marketing Management and Communication
3,5h Understanding Consumer Behavior: Digital Challenges and Opportunities
3,5h Digital Marketing Cases
3,5h Business Models & Information Management
3,5h Workshop: Digital Marketing Insights
online Evaluation Moment - Block I Self Assessment

Block II: Digital Marketing Tools

3,5h Metrics in Digital Marketing
3h Mobile Marketing
3,5h Engagement & Conversation
3,5h E-Commerce: Tools and Challenges

Marco Gouveia

3,5h Workshop: Digital Marketing Management
online Evaluation Moment - Block II Self Assessment

Block III: Digital Marketing Integration and Trends

3,5h Integrating Digital Marketing in Brand Strategy
3,5h Content & Performance Marketing
3,5h Brand Activation and Social Network
online Evaluation Moment - Block III Self Assessment

Block IV

3h Workshop: Digital Marketing Practices

Guest Speakers

3,5h Group Work Presentation


Executive Education - Open Programs

Tânia Sousa


Phone: (+351) 217 227 801


Teresa Roque Esteves

Retail Manager L’Oréal Luxe
L’Oréal Portugal
Programa de Gestão de Marketing Digital
"This program clearly contributes to motivate the review and..."