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Diogo Antunes

People Analytics Project Leader
NOS – Comunicações, S.A.
Big Data: Data Science and Business Analytics

O programa executivo Big Data: Data Science & Business Analytics, lecionado por professores que aliam conhecimentos sólidos com experiência internacional e de negócio, é um excelente exemplo de complementaridade entre a academia e o mundo empresarial. Preparado numa lógica de abordagem a problemas e sustentado em casos de estudo, explora a cadeia de valor do processo analítico de geração de insights e avaliação do seu impacto no negócio. Apoiado numa componente prática relevante, desafia a estruturação do pensamento e reforça a abordagem analítica, potenciando a célere experimentação dos princípios mais importantes de modelação preditiva e causal em contexto profissional. É um must have na evolução da inteligência de suporte à tomada de decisões estratégicas.

Luís Miguel Santo

Head of Radio Networks and Devices, 5G Program
Business Analytics: Data Science and Big Data

As responsible for an engineering area with very high technological context, information and data analytics is part of the baseline resources for development, automation and efficient rollout of telecommunication networks. The course provided a very concise, clear and practical framework allowing for fast learning and application of bid data concepts and tools. The practical examples and code development were key to consolidate the theoretical concepts which were very well organised and masterly delivered by experienced and very dynamic Teachers. The group was diverse enriching even more this unique learning experience.  

Miguel Vassalo

Country Director
Autorola A/S
Big Data: Data Science and Business Analytics

Data science and big data are at the heart of the decision-making process for many businesses, helping to drive digital transformation and innovation, boost customer satisfaction and increase revenue. In this intensive program I found a virtuous combination of great academic rigor and an eminently practical component with measurable impact on the business. An excellent teaching staff and class diversity have made this an enriching experience from a professional and personal point of view. Summing up, it taught me how to turn data into competitive advantage. 

Pedro Valente

Manager na área BI
Business Analytics: Data Science and Big Data

The Business Analytics: Data Science and Big Data program in which I had the opportunity to participate is a good example of what the CATÓLICA-LISBON has been able to bring to the training of management boards and a demonstration of the role that the school plays in supporting products and services developed by portuguese companies. A current curriculum where practical cases complement and enrich the theoretical framework with a holistic view of the subjects. Perspectives based on national and international practices. Teachers who combine pedagogical capacity with international experience. And, last but not least, the possibility of being part of an incredible group.


Ricardo Alves

Marketing Project Manager
NOS Comunicações
Business Analytics: Data Science and Big Data

I enrolled in this program, considering that the management and Big Data are paths that converge increasingly in the context of constant change we live, where the amount of data available reached incalculable dimensions and where faster and more accurate decision-making is imperative. The program is very well structured, with a constant concern to associate the concepts we learn with their practical applicability in the business environment and with highly specialized teachers who are committed to sharing knowledge.



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