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Ana Sofia Espadinha

Farmácia da Misericórdia Montemor-O-Novo
Young Pharmacists Management Program

I decided to enrol in the YPMP program with the goal to bridge some gaps that weren’t fulfilled by my degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences, being Católica the natural choice as it is a leader in Executive Education in Portugal, with a faculty of excellence. This program enabled the development of soft skills in negotiation, communication and team management areas, as well as stimulated my sense of vision and strategic thinking. Additionally, the marketing and finance knowledge/contents transmitted were very relevant when applied to the community pharmacy setting.

Catarina Almeida

Farmácia Oeiras Figueirinha
Young Pharmacists Management Program

The Young Pharmacists Management Program was a challenge I’ve wanted to embrace ever since the moment I completed my Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and entered the employment market. As both the Health sector and the world constantly change, we encounter increasingly demanding standards. In this regard, I believe that the tools we gather should not be limited. This challenge forced me to get out of my comfort zone. To gain clearer knowledge regarding leadership, management, negotiation and other areas, such as the financial area. Now it is time to put them into practice and to customize them, both professionally and personally. It was a networking opportunity and was a program that enabled me to think differently, to become a more active player in innovation and in all the fast paradigm changes which we are subject to, in this case, in the Pharma sector. It has enabled me to be more involved in the management sectors of my profession and in the development of interpersonal relationships.


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