Accounting and Finance Program (PCF)


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Patrícia Rodrigues


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18th edition: starts on March 13th, 2018

Schedule: available soon

Classes: Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Duration: 80 hours


Program Description

The Accounting and Finance Program is aimed at corporate managers and personnel who do not have financial functions and/or do not have a specific training in finance, for whom a high calibre training in this area could prove to be an essential factor to improve their performances and, consequently, the evolution of their professional careers.

Main Benefits

For participants

  • Develop a capacity to analyse accounting documents and the information contained in them;
  • Understand the kind of information necessary for making decisions and for management control;
  • Dominate the language used by the "finance guys", enabling an additional capacity for dialogue with important sectors of the company and the market;
  • Improved capacity to perceive the fiscal impact of diverse choices;
  • Enhanced capacity for a critical analysis of questions associated with evaluating investment projects;
  • Identifying opportunities and constraints related to the company's different forms of financing.

For companies

Provide managers/ directors of business units and staff in general with a capacity to:

  • Understand the reality of the units they manage, through elements constructed by financial accounting;
  • Learn the logic behind how the financial charts they are presented are built and learn how to interpret them so as to be able to make suitable decisions;
  • Analyse projects, which entails understanding fundamental concepts such as provisional cash-flows and costs of capital, without which decisions might be unsuitable or inadequate.


The course has been carefully defined to facilitate the greatest possible assimilation by participants. The contents are broad-based and are taught at a pace that is suitable for the characteristics of the participants. The teaching faculty has a great deal of experience with this kind of training. The program emphasises practical aspects and the use of exercises and solving small case studies with an immediate application of the knowledge imparted. The option between the module on "Management Control" and the module on "Taxation" makes it possible to adjust the program to suit the different interests of each participant.


Diogo Furtado Lopes

Programa de Contabilidade e Finanças para não Financeiros
"The attendance in PCF contributed in a decisive way to improve my knowledge in the areas of accounting and finance."