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People Core Skills

People Core Skills



Program Description

The Online Academy: People Core Skills aims to continuously develop the personal and interpersonal skills of professionals, ensuring improvements in their performance.

20+ workshops are planned and will be launched gradually in this Academy, covering the full spectrum of critical concepts and practices in this topic.

The following workshops will be offered starting June 2021:


Interpersonal Relationships – conversations that matter

Instructor: Joana Domingues, Management Teams Coach,

The costs of non-communication in organizations, whether internally or with customers and other partners – and even in our personal relationships – are multiple: frustration and resentment, waste of time and energy, giving up on issues that matter to us, misuse and loss of talent and opportunities. In this workshop, we will deepen the understanding and practice of the features of dialogue that promote mutual understanding, inclusion of all parties and joint creation.

After this workshop, each Participant will be able to:

  1. Recognize their patterns of dialogue, their main strengths and opportunities to learn (‘Self-portrait’).
  2. Understand the traps that derail important conversations (‘Anticipate’).
  3. Easily detect when you are (or not) in a mindset that is conducive to conversation (‘Measure yourself’).
  4. Know how to Express, Listen, and Synthesize in a more empathetic and productive way (‘Talk better’).


Be H.A.P.P.Y.® – Happiness as the engine of Success

Instructor: Miguel Figueiredo, Executive Coach

The topic of happiness is attracting an increasing amount of attention. Studies demonstrate a strong correlation between happy employees and greater value creation for companies. It increases commitment, learning and team spirit, while reducing conflict, negativity and detachment. This workshop is intended to be a starting point for this topic, addressing, in a individualized manner, the dimensions that each Participant must work on in order to be happier.

After this workshop, each Participant will be able to:

  1. Identify the beliefs, thoughts and behaviors that are limiting their happiness.
  2. Trigger mechanisms to alter toxic thought patterns.
  3. Create and implement an action plan to improve their systematic level of happiness.


Become the Best Version of Yourself

Instructor: Carolina Almeida Cruz, Founder, C-MORE

Despite its complex realities, the world demands simplicity in the way we approach all aspects of human life. Not only in technical knowledge, but also in our personal approach, and in mastering the most intimate 'I' in each one of us. What moves me to a new career? To change departments? What makes me a better human being? This workshop promotes the application of tools (e.g. ABCD - Acquire, Bond, Communicate, Defend/Delegate) that allow a quick and secure answer to these questions, with the ultimate goal of promoting the continuous search for the best possible performance in the personal and professional context of each Participant.

After this workshop, each Participant will be able to:

  1. Apply tools that allow them to map and answer the questions “What can I do?”, “What do I do well?” and "How best can I put my skills at the service of the market?".
  2. Create and implement an action plan that takes advantage of your key drivers, expanding your deeper sense of purpose.


Personal Motivation Strategies

Instructor: Daniele dell’Erba, Change Management Specialist, My Change Coach

In a rapidly and constantly evolving professional environment, it becomes even more critical for a professional to get to know themselves and gain a clear sense of purpose and direction. In this workshop, we will focus on how your “operating system” works and how you can (re)program it to define your personal motivation strategy, and therefore have better professional performance and achieve your full potential.

After this workshop, each Participant will be able to:

  1. Understand the concept and sources of motivation.
  2. Develop and leverage the most powerful and sustainable types of motivation.
  3. Define their personal motivation strategy and its practical application in their personal and professional life.
  4. Define personal strategic drivers and prioritize what is most relevant to them.


The schedule of these workshops is available below:

Additional workshops will be launched gradually throughout the year.


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