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FAQs and Regulation


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You will have to purchase 1 learning token (section ‘Token Purchase’), and make the corresponding payment. After this, you will receive confirmation from the Online Academies team that you have a token to redeem, which you will be able to do on the learning platform (Canvas), in the specific section designed for this purpose. The registration is only finalized after receiving confirmation from the Online Academies team.

Learning tokens are not tied to a specific Online Academy. Tokens can be redeemed for any workshop, from any Online Academy.

You can cancel your registration in a workshop up to 10 days before the workshop begins, recovering the token that you had used. The learning token will not be returned if the cancellation is requested after this period.

(the FAQ section above is continuously being updated, and may be subject change)



A participant of an Online Academy from Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics must be aware of and agree with the terms and conditions set forth below:

A) Workshop attendance

» The workshops will be taught in an online format. Each participant will have only completed a workshop after their presence(s) in the synchronous session(s) is(are) validated by the instructor of that session, and after having completed the remaining mandatory elements of the workshop, such as viewing mandatory content or delivering individual or group assignments - to be validated in the same way.

» A SmartCertificate in digital format will be awarded to participants who meet the attendance requirements described above for at least 10 workshops (equivalent to 40 hours of training).

» Registration in each workshop must be done through the learning platform (Canvas), in the section designed for this purpose, to which all participants will have access following their first token purchase. Registration will only be finalized after validation via email received from the account, depending on whether the participant has a learning token available, whether the workshop still has available slots, and whether the participant is free to register in that workshop (if covered by a corporate protocol).

» Workshops will be automatically canceled if they do not have at least 8 participants registered within 2 days before the scheduled start date. In this case, all registered participants will receive the cancellation information via email, and the learning token will be returned so that it can be redeemed for another workshop.

» After registering for a workshop (and receiving a final confirmation), the participant can cancel their registration up to 10 days before the start of the workshop. In this case, the learning token will be returned so that it can be redeemed in another workshop. If the cancellation is made after this period, the participant's learning token will be deducted from their wallet.

B) Registration and payment terms

» Registration for a workshop is considered binding once the Participant has submitted the corresponding registration form, available on the learning platform (Canvas), and it can only be canceled under the conditions described above.

» All amounts paid by participants are non-refundable.

» Purchases must be paid upfront, in full, for both businesses and individual customers.

C) Acceptance of terms and conditions

When purchasing learning tokens, the participant must confirm that they are aware of this regulation, and the submission of the purchase form will be considered as confirmation of acceptance of the terms provided.