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Operations and Information Management and Big Data Analytics

The OIMBDA group consists of five integrated members, seven collaborators and three PhD students, and bridges information management and big data analytics; operations, technology, innovation and supply chains; and, control and robotics. From 2013-2017, OIMBDA members authored 28 papers in top journals, including 3 articles on the FT50 list, and presented 124 papers. Research by OIMBDA members won several prestigious international awards and were frequently recognized in international media for their societal impact. Group members obtained 8 new research grant proposals.
OIMBDA members focus on four topics:

1. How digitization changes consumer purchase behaviors and firm distribution strategies
2. How digitization and the Internet shape firms, markets, and incentives to innovate
3. Understanding how post-purchase obligations of firms influence their operations
4. How can robots support the life of children with disabilities

Faculty & Researchers​


Title: The impact of digitization on creative industries
Principal Investigator (PI): Miguel Godinho de Matos
Funding: Private

Title: Big Data for Media: Supply, Demand and Consumer Retention in the Age of Big Data
Principal Investigator (PI): Miguel Godinho de Matos
Funding: Private