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Macroeconomics and Economic Policy

The Macroeconomics and Economic Policy (MEP) group consists of seven integrated members, including five full professors at Católica-Lisbon, and two collaborator members. MEP group members’ covers most topics in macroeconomics and from 2013-2017 authored 21 papers in top journals, presented 195 papers at international conferences, and obtained several Portuguese and European research grants.
The MEP group organizes its activities around four priority areas:

1. Endogenous Fluctuations
2. Optimal Taxation
3. Sovereign Debt
4. Monetary and Fiscal Policy

Faculty & Researchers​


Title: Endogenous cycles
Principal Investigator (PI): Leonor Modesto
Funding: Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT)

Title: A Dynamic Economic and Monetary Union
Principal Investigator (PI): Pedro Teles
Funding: H2020 Project - European Union