Program Structure

keyboard_arrow_up Session 1 (1h): Warm up Session

In this session, you will understand what the role of the product manager is, learn how to assess and measure the opportunity behind problems, how to create innovation gaps to distance yourself from the competition, and master the foundations to create an ambitious product vision

keyboard_arrow_up Session 2 (6h): Product Vision & Strategy

In this session, you will understand how to read and discover what your potential users look for in digital solutions, and how to design a process using different frameworks such as jobs-to-be-done, personas and user interviews in order to translate customer needs into products that solve problems.

keyboard_arrow_up Session 3 (12h): Workshop - Product Design Sprint

Once the problem has been defined and a market opportunity has been identified, it is important to create a solution that is desirable by its users.

Using design thinking methodologies you´ll learn how to run a Design Sprint, taking a problem/opportunity (using work from the previous sessions), exploring multiple ideas and narrowing down to the most compelling ones, through a process of powerful exercises that will end in a storyboard. 

After this, you and your team will map out the full concept by doing a prototype, conducting user research to validate with real users if your product is solving a problem, refine ideas and incorporate findings into a final product spec, the product requirements document.

keyboard_arrow_up Session 4 (3h): Business Models

During this session you will explore new business models approaches, using the business model canvas framework, to enable a continuous re-examination of progress and development that can bring innovation to the product and the market, so the product can thrive and keep ahead.

keyboard_arrow_up Session 5 (6h): Workshop - Product Development

In this hands-on workshop you´ll learn Agile, Kanban and Scrum development methodologies and the processes needed to manage the development and execution phase of the product. Understand concepts like workflow management, user stories, acceptance criteria, product backlog, prioritization, sprint planning and sprint retrospective.

Understand the critical soft skills needed to collaborate with cross-functional teams and business stakeholders to guide the product development team through planning and execution.

keyboard_arrow_up Session 6 (3h): Product Marketing and Growth

In this session, you will learn how to successfully measure if you're building the right product using frameworks like OKRs and product metrics, as well as gain the skills to launch your products and achieve traction the right way.

keyboard_arrow_up Session 7 (3h): Product Launch

A new product needs traction, meaning users or clients must discover and use the product. In this workshop, you´ll use the traction bullseye framework to prioritize the 3 traction channels that seem most promising, define the tests and results process.

keyboard_arrow_up Session 8 (3h): Final Capstone Projects Demo-day

This is the day that you and your team will be showcasing the awesome product that you have created in a structured, concise and industry ready product pitch.

keyboard_arrow_up Session 9 (8h): Productized Masterclasses

All students will be entitled to a 1-year free subscription at the online Productized Academy, an online learning community platform to keep learning more from insightful online +8h of courses, getting practical tips, and networking opportunities with product peers. All students get a paperback copy of Radhika Dutt's new book "Radical Product Thinking: The New Mindset for Innovating Smarter". More info here