Program Structure

keyboard_arrow_up Welcome Day

Setting the Pace

keyboard_arrow_up 1. Digital Transformation & Assessment
  • Main digital skills where organization should invest to take advantage of the technological revolution;
  • How to take advantage of new technologies to transform organizations, aiming to increase sales, reduce costs, or create new businesses;
  • Main digital skills to be considered in the digital transformation of an organization;
  • Role of customer experience, digital operations management, and the business model in the digital transformation of an organization.
keyboard_arrow_up 2. Product Vision & Strategy
  • Vision and strategy of a digital product;
  • that potential customers are looking in digital products;
  • Designing a process that aims to translate customer needs into problem-solving products, using different frameworks, such as: Jobs-to-be-done, Personas, Interviews with users and Value proposition canvas.


keyboard_arrow_up 3. Workshop - Product Design Sprint
  • Create and validate a prototype with potential customers of the product;
  • Design Thinking Methodology and Design Sprint process:
  • Problem / opportunity;
  • Exploration of ideas and restriction of ideas to the highest potential;
  • Creation of a storyboard, prototype;
  • Conducting interviews with potential customers to validate whether the product is solving the identified problem;
  • Incorporation of findings into a product requirements document.
keyboard_arrow_up 4. Workshop - Experimentation & Prototyping
Developing websites and applications quickly and without needing programming.
keyboard_arrow_up Mid-term capstone Demoday
keyboard_arrow_up 5. Product Leadership, Product Delivery & Agile Development

Agile Development Methodologies (Scrum and Kanban) ensuring continuous deliveries according to the defined roadmap.

keyboard_arrow_up 6. Market Estimation, Business Models and Product Metrics
  • Product marketing strategy for the launch and growth phase;
  • How to define the best digital channels for product promotion;
  • Measure the impact of digital channels on product success.
keyboard_arrow_up 7. Workshops - Product Launch & Product Growth
  • Product metrics;
  • Launch strategy;
  • Measurement of product growth, allowing to know if the right product is being built and aligned with business objectives;
  • Application of OKRs and AARRR (pirate metrics) frameworks
keyboard_arrow_up Final Demoday

This is the day that you and your team will be showcasing the awesome product that you have created in a structured, concise and industry ready product pitch.

keyboard_arrow_up KICK-OFF Productized Conference 2023 (optional)
keyboard_arrow_up Product Weekend (optional)