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In this exceptional moments, in addition to the regular acceptable justifications for absences, we are including the following: if student is travelling during the exam time back home; if student or a next of kin is hospitalized.  Other reasons (e.g., time difference or jetlag) will not be considered as justified absences. As usual, the students should follow the “request for justified absence” procedure. Students need to submit a request to Undergraduate Affairs, respectively, attaching all necessary documentation (travel itinerary, boarding passes, hospital declaration, etc).

A student’s absence is considered justified in case of serious illness or injury, or death of an immediate relative, the Student Affairs will send to the Professor the submitted justification form with all the information provided by the student.

The formal justification form should only be filled in case of:
Formal course evaluation interference:

  • Minitest
  • Quiz
  • Midterm
  • Endterm
  • Final Exam.


Absences due to student’s serious illness or injury, or death of an immediate relative,can be justified using the online Absence Form that should be submitted along with an evidence of absence. This evidence should be one of the following documents:

a)  signed and stamped declaration issued by the competent healthcare authority: hospital or healthcare center of the National Health Service;

b)  death certificate issued by a funerary agency.

Under these circumstances, students are allowed to replace one of the term exams by the final exam.
In case the student was absent in any other component of the evaluation due to any of the above reasons, the professor may choose to aggregate different components of the evaluation to calculate the final grade of the (justified) absent student.
Normal class absences should be communicated directly with the Professor.


The Absence Form should be submitted within two days after the date of the class/exam missed. If necessary, the substantiation documents can be provided later, but always within 5 working days after the date of the class/exam. After that date, the justification will be disregarded.

Absence Justification Form

Students can request a room with the Room Reservation Request Form if there are special circunstances to take into consideration, afterwards send it to and we will reply by email your request.

For studying purposes please see the Study Rooms available at the CATÓLICA-LISBON' s building.

General Rules:

  • Course(s) for which you were approved in the current semester;
  • During Final Exam period;
  • Be aware of the grading rules associated to the increase exam – check syllabus or the professor coordinator since it may influence your final grade;
  • Enrolment compromises the student to sit for the exam.


  1. Fill the form indicating the course(s) you want to enrol​;
  2. Enrolment according to the rules: Formally enrolled in the exam(s);
  3. Enrolment NOT according to the rules: Request Denied.

Grade Increase Exam Form

General Rules: 

  • Course(s) for which you were approved last year/semester
  • Up to 1 year later
  • Enrollment 4 working days before the exam
  • It is not allowed to take more than one improvement exam to each course

Graduated Students: (Until 1 year after finishing your degree)

  • Maximum of 2 courses in Final exams period
  • Courses done up to 2 years (the last 4 semesters).


  1. Exam Payment at the Treasury Office;
  2. Fill the form, indicating the course(s) you want to enroll and the number of your receipt confirming the payment in the treasury office:
    a) Enrolment request according to the rules: Formally enrolled in the Exam(s);
    b) Enrolment NOT according to the rules: Request Denied.

Grade Improvement Form

General Rules

Students can do a maximum of 3 finalists exams in order to obtain the necessary missing ECTS to complete their Undergraduate program (Min. 180 ECTS). Students may choose the exams according to the restrictions below:

Students who have not been on Exchange:

  • 3 courses with admission to the Final Exam (= failed), and/or
  • ​1 course with no admission to the Final Exam (= excluded), and/or
  • ​1 course the student has never been enrolled in.

Students who have been on Exchange:

  • 3 courses with admission to the Final Exam (= failed), and/or
  • 2 courses with no admission to the Final Exam (= excluded), and/or
  • 2 courses the student has never been enrolled in.

Additional note: enrolment is only allowed in Elective Courses that are being offered in the semester.

Check here the Finalist Exam Rules.


  1. Submit online form requesting to register for Finalist Exam(s);
  2. Student Affairs will analyze your request and answer by email after the finalist exam enrolment period is closed;
  3. After receiving the answer from Student Affairs you may pay the fee at the Treasury Office, thus formalizing your registration for Finalist Exams.

Finalist Exam Enrolment Request

Important information and deadlines for the 1st Semester of 2021/2022:

The Finalist Exams are between February 14th and 25th.
Students can enrol for Finalist Exams by filling the form above from January 3rd up to January 25th.

The Finalist Exams will be held at the CATÓLICA-LISBON building.
Students will be informed by email of the date, time and room of their exam(s).

The possibilty to undertake exams abroad is only available for incoming exchange students that comply with specific rules and upon justification of their circunstances to their home university and the Incoming Student Affairs Coordinator. For further information contact

Exams Abroad Application Form (Only for incoming students)