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Lisbon is well served by road, rail and sea routes but you will probably find flying the cheapest and easiest way of travelling here. 

Lisbon airport has two terminals and is situated approximately 5km from CATÓLICA-LISBON and about 7km from the center of Lisbon. 

If you choose to travel by road, rail or sea, let us know your journey details and we will make sure someone is waiting to meet you at a suitable location.

Lisbon Center

If you want to catch public transport from the airport to the center of Lisbon, the following options are available:

Take the subway to the city center:

  •  “Aeroporto” Station - Red Line of the metro network.  

For more information go to Metro.

  • Or take a couple of buses:
    • 91 - Airport shuttle bus from the airport to Lisbon center. Runs every twenty minutes from eight in the morning to ten at night. This is the best bus to catch as it takes a more direct route to the center.
    • 96 - Airport shuttle that passes by CATÓLICA-LISBON. Runs every half hour from eight in the morning to ten at night.
    • 44 - An urban bus that passes through the airport and goes to the city center. It runs from six in the morning to eight at night every 15 minutes.
    • 745 - Another urban bus that passes through the airport, and the city center. Runs from five in the morning to midnight. 

For more information go to Carris.


You can get to the university easily by bus or subway. 

By bus
There is a bus stop directly outside the university, the buses that stop there are: 768, 64 and 755. You can also catch a bus to the nearby University Hospital (Hospital Santa Maria) (3 minutes on foot). The buses that travel this route are: 35, 732, 701 and 738.

By subway

There are three subway stops close to the university. They all are 7 to 10 minutes away on foot: the "Jardim Zoológico" and "Laranjeiras" metro stop on the blue line; and the "Cidade Universitária" stop on the yellow line.

Taxi Voucher

If you prefer catching a taxi from the airport or to go to the University, this option is always available. For that purpose you can buy a Taxi Voucher.

This pre-paid service created by Lisbon Tourism in partnership with Lisbon Airport and the taxi association price chart allows visitors to use the taxi service in a more secure way.

For more information go to Taxi Voucher.