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Events 2018

Volunteer Fair:

February 6th was Volunteer Fair Day at CATÓLICA-LISBON! Here, all the students were challenged to start the year making a difference, doing something valuable with their free time whilst improve their curriculum and gain experience.

There were 15 non-profit organizations attending, presenting a variety of national and international, short and long-term volunteer opportunities. Will you miss the opportunity to be part of this great initiative? Join us next time and make the difference too!

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Career Forum '18:

The 14th edition of Career Forum, the biggest recruitment event of CATÓLICA-LISBON, took place on February 20th and 21st, 2018.

This year, the Career Development Office brought together 50 companies from different sectors to talk about their recruitment opportunities.

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Startup Fair:

On March 6th, we had the first edition of the StartUp Fair, at CATÓLICA-LISBON.
It was a morning dedicated to promote the contact of our students with differentiating startups, contributing to the dissemination of opportunities for recruitment and sharing of entrepreneurship projects.

We had the presence of 19 entities from diverse sectors of activity, among them automobile, technology, retail, large consumption, banking and financial services, education, energy, tourism and sports, non-profit organizations and incubation.

17 startups, 1 incubator and 1 student club (BET) together in an initiative that proved to be a success!

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