Strategic Management Consulting Project - 2nd Semester 2017/2018

Karen Ferrez Frisch, Rute Xavier, Pedro Cabrita Carneiro, Florbela Lima, Pierre Gein, Xavier Rajot & Carla Ventura / 7 ECTs / Semester-Long Course / English

The Strategic Management Consulting Project (SMCP) is a project-oriented course in which students work as teams of consultants to solve a given client’s real business challenge. Groups of four or five students work together on a given project for the whole duration of the course, in direct contact with the client organization and pursuing their own project.

Prerequisites: Yes (see syllabus)


Associate Professor
Celine Abecassis-Moedas holds a Ph.D. in Management from École Polytechnique, Paris  and a M.A. in Management (Université Paris Dauphine ). She is a graduate…