Managing in an International Context 2016/2017

3.5 ECTs / Trimester / English

Managing in an International Context is a course in International Business at
M.Sc. level. It covers the process of internationalization, from domestic to international, and to global. The course takes a particular focus on the motivations and attitudes needed today from international managers to
achieving a successful globalization for their companies. Issues such as the
nature of international business, understanding globalization, skills needed to
assess environments and to deploy company’s resources, and the formulation
of corporate global integration strategies are covered in length. The course also
intends to explain how formulating an international corporate strategy requires a finely crafted balance between environmental, managerial, and organizational

Prerequisites: Stategic Management


Assistant Professor
Miguel Athayde Marques holds a Ph.D in Business Administration from the University of Glasgow (UK) and a BA (Licenciatura) from UCP. Currently he is the…
Assistant Professor
René Bohnsack, PhD, is Assistant Professor for Strategy and Innovation at Católica-Lisbon. Before joining Católica, René was Assistant Professor at the…