Luxury Design-Based Strategies 2016/2017

3.5 ECTs / Trimester / English

The course is a dive into the luxury and design-based industries, with a focus on strategy, innovation and marketing. It is structured as to provide students with the distinctive principles for effective management of luxury and design-based businesses, brands, products and services. The course explores how, luxury and design-based firms and industries have been successful, and what other businesses could learn from them. The course offers a broad overview of the luxury concepts and trains students on how to use those concepts to work in Strategy, Consulting, Innovation or Marketing, in the luxury or design-based industries, or in any other sector where those strategies may be relevant. Classes combine theory and practice through lectures, case studies and projects. Besides the concepts taught and discussed in Class, students will develop skills through the group project.

Pre-requesites: Strategic Management


Associate Professor
Celine Abecassis-Moedas holds a Ph.D. in Management from École Polytechnique, Paris  and a M.A. in Management (Université Paris Dauphine ). She is a graduate…
Brand and Communication Director at NOS. Degree in Administration and Management (UCP) where she teaches in the marketing area. Did the Inter Alpha program…