Research Areas


  • How can we move from shareholder-oriented to stakeholder-oriented companies and purpose-oriented companies?
  • What do "Purpose" oriented companies really mean? What processes can lead us to this new reality?
  • What are the key metrics that need to be developed?
  • What type of organization best suits this reality?
  • What kind of incentives should be designed?

Responsible Leadership

  • What’s special about RBL? The traits, styles, and skills of Leadership are all the same?
  • Which are the key leadership skills needed in a fast-changing world that is calling for more responsible and purposeful leaders?
  • What is a responsible leader?
  • What sort of training is required? How can responsible leaders best be developed?

Sustainable Development Goals

  • How can SDGs become a source of competitive advantage?
  • How to develop successful cross-sectoral partnerships to achieve SDG? 
  • What contributes to successful or failed partnerships under the Agenda for Sustainable Development?
  • How to use the SDGs as social and environmental impact goals and metrics at the corporate level?

Impact Accounting

  • What are the advantages of developing a new system for Impact Accounting?
  • What is the state of art on the topic?
  • Which kind of system could be proposed that would be feasible for companies, advantageous for business, and contribute to more shared prosperity?
 Corporate Purpose can be described by five components:
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