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Here you can find out about and download the CATÓLICA-LISBON logo, one of the key elements of the CATÓLICA-LISBON brand. Care must always be taken to use the logo correctly and to prevent any improper or unauthorized use. 


The CATÓLICA-LISBON brand exists in two main versions: horizontal and vertical. 

The most appropriate version of the CATÓLICA-LISBON brand should be used in accordance with the format and media where it will be shown, always aiming to preserve the formal and graphical integrity of the brand as well as its legibility.

Vertical Version Horizontal Version
CATÓLICA-LISBON logo (vertical position)








Brand in contrast

The CATÓLICA-LISBON brand can be reproduced in positive or negative form as required, depending on the background on which the brand is to be reproduced.

The rule for these cases is to use the version that allows the brand to be most easily read.

Vertical Version - Positive Horizontal Version - Positive




Vertical Version - Negative Horizontal Version - Negative





Vertical Version White

Horizontal Version White