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Career Award 2017

FÁTIMA BARROS  distinguished with the Career Award 2017

For the 11th consecutive year, CATÓLICA-LISBON distinguished a former student for his/her exceptional professional performance through the Career Award. 

From a number of candidates suggested by the alumni network, the panel chaired by  Leonor Beleza, and comprising Fernando Ulrich, Isabel Jonet, António Murta and Nuno Garoupa distinguished Fátima Barros for her exceptional professional career.

The Career Award 2017 began with a welcome session led by Prof. Francisco Veloso, Dean of CATÓLICA-LISBON and a conference about " The Mistery of the Portuguese Economy", by Prof. João César das Neves.

Fátima Barros professional profile was then presented by Prof. Sérgio Rebelo, former student,  and the award was handed over by the Rector of CATÓLICA-LISBON, Professor Isabel Capeloa Gil.

Fátima Barros was Dean of  CATÓLICA-LISBON, having a major role in the internationalization process of the Faculty . She is currently President of ANACOM. 

She was the first woman Dean of CATÓLICA-LISBON, the first woman President of a regulatory body and the first woman President of BEREC.

The ceremony ended with a cheerful cocktail, in the lobby of the Cardeal Medeiros auditorium where the alumni had the opportunity to share experiences, network and strengthen the "CATÓLICA-LISBON Spirit".



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