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Business Angels Universidade Católica, AS

  • What is BAUC?
  • How and when was it born?
  • What is it for? What are its goals?
  • How is its work structured?
  • Who can benefit from it and how?
  • Who is it addressed to?
  • What does it add to other business angels?
  • What sets it apart?
  • Are there projects that can be unveilled?

Universidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP) promoted the creation, in 2017, of a Vehicle Entity for investment in qualified and creative entrepreneurship projects that may arise in the universe of people linked to UCP and in particular to the Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics (CATÓLICA- LISBON), either Undergraduate, Master, MBA or Executive Education - Business Angels Universidade Católica, SA (BAUC).

This organization aims to further enhance and energize the current entrepreneurship ecosystem within Universidade Católica, which already includes several relevant initiatives developed in recent years by the various faculties, namely in the incentive and support phase in the launching of high potential innovative projects by students, not only from a national perspective, but mainly from an international perspective.

BAUC contributes to the creation of conditions for the promotion of entrepreneurship projects, namely as regards to:

  • Funding for the testing of ideas and business models, in the stages prior to the creation of new companies;
  • Promoting effective collaboration between complementary areas of competence - such as science, technology and management - by providing effective mechanisms for fostering multidisciplinary teams that can become teams of successful founders.

BAUC's priority goal is to encourage the creation of new startups, with investment in the pre-seed, seed and early stage phases.

BAUC is dedicated to investing in startups that originate from Universidade Católica, giving priority to businesses created by current students, alumni and faculty members.

But this orientation is not exclusive. BAUC may also invest in startups originated by other initiatives as long as they are consistent with its investment policy.

In terms of sectors, given the privileged link to Universidade Católica, greater focus will be given to its areas of expertise, namely: Life Sciences (MedTech), Fintech, Education, Sustainability, Tourism, Lifestyle and Sea.


BAUC's shareholders are entrepreneurs linked to the University itself - former students and faculty. Today they are already 25.

The organization has the ambition to grow in the short term to respond to the multitude of investment opportunities presented to it.

Universidade Católica is present in the organization through the CATÓLICA-LISBON Alumni Association.

The governing bodies of the organization:

Board of Directors

• Sílvia Taveira de Almeida
• Emídio Pinheiro
• José Carlos Tudela Martins
• Paulo Vila Luz

Chairman of the Shareholders’ General Meeting

• Alexandre Relvas

A Smart Money Vision - Mentoring Beyond Investment

For an entrepreneur, BAUC has great competitive advantages over its counterparts. In addition to being close to the University ecosystem, which facilitates the whole contact process, as well as access to a pool of distinguished mentors who will support new businesses at various levels.

Mentoring of the new businesses will be provided not only by the people included in BAUC's Governing Bodies, but also by the universe of people associated with Universidade Católica Portuguesa and its international partnerships, highlighting the teachers who guarantee excellent theoretical and technical knowledge, as well as the shareholders that assure practical experience in the development of projects and businesses at national and international levels.

These mentors ensure a high diversity of skills and areas of expertise and can provide real impact support by industry, growth stage, business size and geographic market.

Finally, to support the development of these projects, the vehicle entity will use the partnerships and networking already existing in the ecosystem of Universidade Católica Portuguesa, as well as partnerships to be established with other national and international entities, which strengthen the ability to offer their own services to the businesses in creation.

Successful application for the Business Angels Vehicle Financing Line from IFD (Instituição Financeira para o Desenvolvimento, AS).

BAUC successfully competed for the second phase of the aforementioned tender for the financing line, promoted by IFD in 2017, the result of which was published in the second quarter of 2018.

Ongoing Projects

BAUC is currently analyzing the projects that will constitute its first investments.

Entrepreneurship at Universidade Católica

It is noteworthy that there is already in UCP, and in particular in CATÓLICA-LISBON, a set of initiatives in this field that led to the creation of several successful projects, either in the scope of undergraduate and masters students (eg. Uniplaces, Surfstoke, OLX ) or advanced training. For example, under the Advanced Program on Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management (PAEGI) several companies were created (e.g. AnubisNetworks, WyGroup, etc).

Also at the research level, relevant entrepreneurial projects have emerged. Perhaps the most relevant project is Patient Innovation, which emerged from a research project on the role of patients as innovators, having evolved into “Non-Profit Health Startup of the Year 2016”.

And other Universidade Católica schools and institutes also have a track record that serves as an important basis for the project. BioSpin, at the Biotechnology School, already has a business incubator that has been promoting business projects since 1994.

There is also MARE Startup - a consortium launched in 2015 by the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, the Oceano Forum and the Strategic and Risk Assessment Society and whose objective is to promote entrepreneurship and business innovation at sea, in order to contribute to fuel the sea economy.