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Preparation for Departure

After completing the Application and Course Selection Procedures, the International Relations Office will provide you with the following information by e-mail:


The International Relations Office provides assistance to find both Provisional and Permanent accommodation in Lisbon. To help you prepare your stay, we will release by e-mail the password for you to access our online accommodation databases.
Additionally, the International Relations Office will provide some help to find permanent accommodation upon arrival, during the Welcome Week.

Personal Information

In order to access all the important academic and administrative information in CATÓLICA-LISBON's student personal area, we will send you your personal data by e-mail: 
student number, login, and password.

Course Enrollment

After the Course Selection Procedures (Step 2 - Application and Course Selection), you will receive the confirmation of the courses you are enrolled in and access to your schedule for the semester by e-mail.

Welcome Day

Before your arrival, you will receive detailed information about the special activities prepared for you, to introduce you to the University and Lisbon.

Before Leaving Home


To ensure a smooth transition to student life in Lisbon, it is important to make sure all your paperwork and documentation are valid before you depart. Take a look at the checklist below to have a stress-free arrival in Portugal:


  • Make sure the International Relations Office has received your online Application form and documents
  • Make sure you bring your identity card or valid passport
  • Bring your medical/travel insurance and other relevant documents. If you are from an EU country, make sure you have the European Health Insurance Card
  • Take any routine medical checks or vaccinations if necessary
  • Order travelers' checks or enough Euros for your first couple of weeks
  • Budget for your life in Portugal - check airfares, tuition fees (if you are a free mover student), and living expenses
  • Make sure you have a list of useful contact numbers, especially the following:
    • Phone number and address of CATÓLICA-LISBON's International Relations Office
    • Phone number and address of your provisional accommodation