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Join an Alumni Club

We have alumni clubs in the countries where there are more alumni and it is one of our priority goals to quickly and effectively develop this work. We intend therefore to build a global network and strengthen the alumni body spirit of CATÓLICA-LISBON, so that anywhere in the world, our alumni have their integration facilitated and CATÓLICA-LISBON its internationalization.

These clubs are managed by alumni for alumni with the help and support of the Alumni Office of CATÓLICA-LISBON. Volunteers from each club committee organize events throughout the year that provide access to a variety of renowned speakers from the academic or professional environment and a number of valuable networking opportunities.

Participate and get involved to find colleagues who are working outside but near you, whether you want to join the club committee or simply enroll as a member.



Alumni Club United Kingdom


Alumni Club Spain


Alumni Club Brazil


Alumni Club Angola


Alumni Club Switzerland


Alumni Club Germany


Alumni Club Denmark