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Strategic Advisory Board

The Dean of the Católica Business School of Business & Economics benefits from the contribution of a Strategic Advisory Board that evaluates, challenges and supports strategic decisions and helps the School to achieve its Mission.

The Advisory Board consists of a group of successful business leaders of Portuguese and International Companies - many of them Alumni - who have a high level of personal commitment to CATÓLICA-LISBON and who contribute to bridge the gap between academia and business, aimed at providing the very best for our Students and Faculty.

Strategic Advisory Board (Members)

  • Alexandre Relvas
  • António Carrapatoso
  • António Viana Baptista
  • Carlos Melo Ribeiro
  • Clara Moura Guedes
  • Emídio Costa Pinheiro
  • Fátima Barros
  • Fernando Branco
  • Gonçalo Moura Martins
  • Gustavo Guimarães
  • Isabel Jonet
  • João Borges de Assunção
  • Joaquim Goes
  • Luís Amaral
  • Luís Gravito
  • Luís Palha
  • Manuela Ferreira Leite (Chairperson)
  • Maria Tereza Leme Fleury
  • Miguel Calado
  • Miguel Lucas
  • Paulo Pereira da Silva
  • Pedro Pina
  • Vasco Mello

The Strategic Advisory Board meets twice a year.