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The Lisbon MBA International program rose 16 positions in the Financial Times Global MBA Ranking, becoming the 36th best MBA in the World. This means that, for the third consecutive year, The Lisbon MBA is the only MBA in Portugal in the Financial Times Ranking. It was also considered the 13th best MBA in Europe, moving up four positions in the ranking, and the world's second best in international experience.

Since joining the Financial Times list for the first time, in 2013, The Lisbon MBA has risen consistently, with a total rise of 25 positions. Of all the programs that entered the ranking on the same year, it is the one that is best positioned

This achievement is due largely to the results of The Lisbon MBA former students who doubled their salary after three years, when compared with earnings before the MBA. These alumni now occupy more senior positions and in larger companies, with many of them working outside their countries of origin. The wage increase also contributed to The Lisbon MBA being considered the third best MBA in the world and the first in Europe in terms of return on investment. 

Being part of this ranking is the ultimate recognition of the commitment of CATÓLICA-LISBON and Nova SBE – the two best business schools in Portugal -  and MIT Sloan School of Management to develop an MBA program that is a worldwide reference.

 - CUBE was rated as the best research unit in Portugal
 - CATÓLICA-LISBON is in the Top 50 Masters in Management programs
 - 27.11.2014 - CATÓLICA-LISBON International Fair
 - CATÓLICA-LISBON is the best portuguese school for Executive Education
 - CATÓLICA-LISBON Master in Economics students featured in world conferences
 - CATÓLICA-LISBON's professor wins prestigious research award
 - The Lisbon MBA was considered the 52nd top MBA in the world
 - CATÓLICA-LISBON: The Best Masters Programs in Portugal according to the FT
 - The Lisbon MBA International ranked by the Financial Times as one of the best worldwide
 - CATÓLICA-LISBON's Professor publishes paper on Financial Education and Literacy
 - CATÓLICA-LISBON students will represent Portugal in International Business Competition "L'Oréal Brandstorm"
 - Cerimónia de Benção e Entrega de Diplomas e Cartas Magistrais - fotos EN
 - Study of CATÓLICA-LISBON's NECEP is news on Bloomberg BusinessWeek website
 - The Lisbon MBA among the best in the world and 15th in Europe
 - CATÓLICA-LISBON rises among the Top European Business Schools FT Rankings
 - CATÓLICA-LISBON's master student one of the winners of Primus Inter Pares Award
 - CATÓLICA-LISBON's team wins "Google Ambassador Program Europe 2012"
 - Francisco Veloso is the new Dean of CATÓLICA-LISBON
 - CATÓLICA-LISBON leading Executive Education for 20 years
 - CATÓLICA-LISBON is positioned as the 33rd school in Europe, rising 29 positions in the Financial Times ranking
 - CATÓLICA-LISBON's former student awarded by ECCH
 - The Lisbon MBA International ranked 14th in the Rising Stars 2011 MBA Ranking
 - Professor Ana Costa receives Award for Best National Communication by a Young Researcher
 - CATÓLICA-LISBON students win Leadership Tournament
 - CATÓLICA-LISBON student wins International Writing Case Competition
 - Professor Fátima Barros talks to Financial Times
 - Professor Fernando S. Machado receives international award
 - Professor Ilídio Barreto in the Top 10 most-read of Journal of Management
 - CATÓLICA-LISBON's MSc in Business Administration - 4th worldwide in regards to employability
 - CATÓLICA-LISBON's Employability Rate in Focus
 - CATÓLICA-LISBON Master students win PT Desafio Mar award
 - Financial Times ranks CATÓLICA-LISBON as the best Business School in Portugal for the 7th year