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 CATÓLICA-LISBON is in the Top 50 Master in Management programs

• Increase in 10 times of applications from foreign students over the last 3 years ensures rise in the Financial Times international ranking for Masters in Management.

The CATÓLICA-LISBON Master programs in Management are among the best 50 in the world, rising 3 positions in comparison to last year and guaranteeing the continuous lead in Portugal. The master programs are placed at the 49th position, according to the ranking published today by the Financial Times which contemplate the top 70 masters in management worldwide.

At CATÓLICA-LISBON, over a 3 year span, the number of international applicants has been multiplied by 10 and represent over 50 different nationalities. In this period, the School has graduated over 100 German, 20 Colombian, 30 Italian, 25 Scandinavian and 15 French students and estimates that in 10 years over 1000 German Managers will have graduated from CATÓLICA-LISBON. This fact can significantly improve reputation for professionals graduated in our country, as well as significantly raise investment an involvement from German companies in Portugal.

This recognition is due to a strong internationalization strategy by the school, which also reflects how national education is perceived internationally. The Internationalization spearheaded by CATÓLICA-LISBON is turning Portugal into am acknowledged and competitive market for the war on talent. At present, in relative comparison, Portugal has more foreign students in Higher Education than countries such as Italy and Spain. This aspect will be increasingly important, since the school estimates that in 2020, in the Lisbon area alone, these students will contribute over 1500 Million Euros, which represent twice the value of important exportation sectors, such as the wine sector.

According to Francisco Veloso, Dean of CATÓLICA-LISBON, "our leadership mirrors the school´s compromise with excellence reflecting on one hand, on the placement of our students, and on the other, on the successful recruitment and retention of talent in Portugal and internationally.

Among other dimensions of leadership in Portugal and great international recognition, the Financial Times highlights CATÓLICA-LISBON for placing over 97% of its graduates in 3 months after completing their degree.

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