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Alberto Ippolito Ferreira

International Master of Science in Management

"Shortly after I began the best master program in Portugal I exponentially grew my professional network, completed a Double Degree in Finance at Norway’s finest Business School, founded the Católica Finance Club, learned and applied what I learned in Norway. Even after graduation, CATÓLICA-LISBON continues to benefit you as it continually climbs in global recognition being now in the Top 25 European Business Schools according to the FT. I’m now working in the banking sector in Miami, Florida. Thanks to CATÓLICA-LISBON, this is only the beginning and I don’t have limits on what I can imagine for my future going forward. To sum it all up, CATÓLICA-LISBON helps you develop what you need to go limitless."

Eirik Thorsen

International Master of Science in Management

"Applying for a master degree at CATÓLICA-LISBON has proven to be a great decision. Though the semesters aredemanding and labor intensive, the study experience have been filled with memorable experiences and great new friendships, both on and off campus. So far I have been impressed with the professors, and the subjects taught have been very interesting. I am confident that the education I get at CATÓLICA-LISBON will be very valuable for my future career, no matter where my career path takes me."

Gregor Gmür

International Master of Science in Management

"I was already one year into my master’s degree in Management at CATÓLICA-LISBON, when I went back to my former employer in New York.

This time just for the summer. This time I really did make a difference!"

Johanna Friess

International Master of Science in Management

"After a short visit to CATÓLICA-LISBON, my decision to study at this School was made. Motivated professors, university staff and an international student body throughout my studies proved my decision to be right.

I even had the chance to participate at the L’Oréal Brandstorm Marketing Challenge where I could deepen my practical skills. The third semester was especially challenging as I went to a partner university in St. Petersburg [Russia] where I enriched my cultural experience."

Matthias Berchtold

International Master of Science in Management

"From the first moment, I realized that pursuing a Master at CATÓLICA-LISBON was the best decision of my life. Two challenging but fulfilling years in one of Europe’s leading business schools prepared me perfectly for all the adventures yet to come."

Sofia Falcão

International Master of Science in Management

 "Studying at CATÓLICA-LISBON was a great experience that opened several doors to other opportunities. At CATÓLICA-LISBON you have the possibility to engage in academic research, join one of the school’s clubs, have a volunteering experience, study abroad or do internships at the best firms, both in Portugal and internationally, all of this backed by top level teaching that provides a very solid academic foundation. I am now working in the Investment Banking Division of Morgan Stanley in London. I feel that my time at CATÓLICA-LISBON prepared me for this not only on an academic level but also challenged me to become engaged in other activities, do more and better. Ultimately I feel this made me a stronger candidate and, I hope, a better professional."


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