1h Welcome & Opening Session
3,5h The World of Wine
7h Wine Territories: Clusters, Terroir and Appellations
7h The Business of Wine
7h Finance in the Wine Industry
3,5h Wine Distribution
3,5h Business Marketing and Brand Management
3,5h Sales and Customer Management
3,5h Digital Wine Marketing
3,5h Planning Wine Tourism Destinations
3,5h Wineries Management
3,5h Understanding Consumers Behavior: Challenges and Opportunities
3,5h Innovation in the Wine Industry
3,5h Negotiation in Multicultural Context
1h Specific Seminar - Wine Bloggers
1h Specific Seminar - International Wine Competition: Rankings and Wine Critics
1h Specific Seminars - Wine Trends
1h Specific Seminar - Gatekeepers in the Wine Industry


Executive Education - Open Programs

Tânia Sousa

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