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Ana Isabel Neves

Controller and Supply Chain Manager
Jerónimo Martins Distribuição
Supply Chain Management

I participated in Supply Chain Management program of CATÓLICA-LISBON with the goal to consolidate what I've learned on the job when I started working. With a background in management and a career in finance, I was really interesting to revisit the management models of stocks and get in touch with the latest practices of process management of supply chains. The experience faculty allied to the academic environment with a focus on management is an aspect that I highlight and made the program very dynamic.

Filipa Freitas de Azevedo

IT Manager
José de Mello Saúde
Supply Chain Management

The passion and interest in Logistics and its procedures began when, in my professional career, I started to follow and manage projects developed in this area. After the development of management skills and a more mature professional career, I decided to look for an Executive Program that would allow not only to deepen and specialize my knowledge in this area, but also to learn about the practices and experiences of other colleagues with similar job functions and/or complementary functions. The answer to my search was quick and clear, when I met CATÓLICA-LISBON’s, Supply Chain Management Program, not only for the focused and structured program with current topics, as well as for the excellent faculty. For me to attend this program was an added value, not only for the theoretical and practical learning that I continue to apply in my daily life, as well as the professional and personal enrichment that provided: in this program I met people who are currently part of my circle of friends and I have recommended the same to partners and colleagues, so that professional and personal networking continues to grow.

João Rodrigues de Oliveira

Responsible for Operational Planning and Stock Management
Supply Chain Management

Participate in the 2015 Supply Chain Management Program of the Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics has undoubtedly given me a qualitative leap in my professional career. It allowed me to develop academic skills like “state of the art”, permitted me to share knowledge with brilliant colleagues like the ones I had and learn the best business and academic practices with the best teachers and professionals in this area. For this reason, I can only recommend to all to participate in this program, with the certainty that they will achieve the desired results for their careers.

Rui Monteiro


The Supply Chain Management program is an opportunity for personal and professional value in an intense area such as this one.

The excellence of the faculty combined with the finest academic training and practical experience in companies is definitely an asset for this project.

The acknowledged prestige of CATÓLICA-LISBON and the opportunity of creating high-level management programs was certainly crucial for my participation in this program.

I highly recommend to the managers who wish to acquire more knowledge and invest on a specialized training  to enrol in this excellent program!

Teresa Barata

Planning and Purchasing, Jaba Recordati S.A.

After several years working in Planning and Purchasing, I felt the need to develop my knowledge in this area. On a business world increasingly global and competitive, an efficient management of the supply chain is a critical success factor. Participating on the Supply Chain Management course was, absolutely, the right decision. The diversity and relevance of the subjects, the excellence of the faculty, and sharing experiences among the participants were paramount to succeed in my training and also for my professional and personal enhancement.


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