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"Communication is a key area for organizations as a strategic aspect. The combination of the CATÓLICA-LISBON and the Faculty of Humanities in the communication area gave rise to a program that provide answers to the challenges of external and internal communication, crisis communication management and reputation. ”

Francisco Veloso


"Strategic communication is now a requirement for the success of brands and organizations. Result of a partnership between the Faculty of Humanities and CATÓLICA-LISBON, the Strategic Communication Program offers students an in-depth knowledge of strategic communication and how it can be used to boost the value of organizations and stakeholders."

Nelson Ribeiro
Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Universidade Católica Portuguesa


Executive Education - Open Programs

Andreia Hidalgo


Phone: (+351) 214 269 846




Filipa Ferreira Torres

Técnica - Marketing e Comunicação
Caixa Gestão de Activos
Strategic Communication Program: Programa de Comunicação Estratégica
“I strongly recommend (...) in each module I took teachings that I could apply to my day-to-day work."