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Ana Clemente

Business Developer
GenoMed, Diagnósticos de Medicina Molecular S.A
Programa de Gestão para a Indústria Farmacêutica

O Leading Pharma foi o meu primeiro contacto com áreas como a gestão, o marketing, negociação e finanças. São dois meses intensos, mas com muita (in)formação em áreas fundamentais. Permitiu-me ter uma noção da indústria farmacêutica muito mais abrangente, e dotou-me dos conhecimentos suficientes para conseguir identificar problemas e procurar soluções de forma autónoma. Foi tão importante na minha vida que me permitiu saltar de uma carreira laboratorial para o desenvolvimento do negócio, com as ferramentas necessárias para o meu envolvimento nesta nova área.

Carla Pereira

Medical and Scientific Relations
Programa de Gestão para a Indústria Farmacêutica

I consider that Leading Pharma exceeded my expectations, and the competences, critical sense and the possibility to interact with several interveners and recognized professionals of the pharmaceutical industry, as well as the possibility to listen to experiences coming from these interveners and excellent group of colleagues, justify completely the energy and time invested and the effort made beyond work, culminating in a personal and professional growth.

Isabel Redondo

Medical Advisor
Programa de Gestão para a Indústria Farmacêutica

Do different in the health market. Create value for the customer ... which is much more than offering an innovative product. This is an inevitability and a necessary condition for the survival of companies and teams working in the pharmaceutical industry today. This program was an opportunity to review fundamental concepts, and to interact with areas of knowledge for which we are not so awake, but whose concepts, tools and methods can help us to positively impact the business and to value the strategic importance of Medical Affairs in the process of creating value associated with the drug.

Mónica Vidal

Marketing Director
Novo Nordisk
Programa de Gestão para a Indústria Farmacêutica

After a few years in the Pharmaceutical Industry I had the need to amplify my business vision. It is known that the sector is in change and that the challenges in technology, economy and health regulations make us be different, above all it makes us being better. Leading Pharma allowed me to rethink the Pharmaceutical Industry, in a more transversal and integrated perspective. This wide vision is patented in contents and is also present in the diversity of the faculty and its participants. Always with the excellence of CATÓLICA-LISBON and always in a spirit that is very entertaining.

Paulo Machado

Key Account Manager
Alcon a Novartis Company
Programa de Gestão para a Indústria Farmacêutica

Leading Pharma is taught by an excellent faculty, always present and available, endowed with a wide professional experience. The scope and timeliness of the content taught and the sharing of different knowledge with colleagues, allowed me to acquire a wide vision of several areas in the pharmaceutical industry and be prepared for the changes that are already taking place in the sector. I highly recommend to everyone that wants to develop competences and face with confidence the constant challenges that they face.


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