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Management Insights Intensive Program: Fundamentals of Management


Executive Education - Open Programs

Tânia Sousa


Phone: (+351) 217 227 801


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3st Edition: starts on June 27th, 2017

Duration: 57 hours


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Program Description

Regardless of the activity sector, functional area or the institution size, all organizations need their officers and employees to master the fundamental concepts of management.

Successful managers need to know tools and management techniques and, above all, need to know how and when to use them as a way of supporting professional development.

The Management Insights Program will provide participants with a broad knowledge of various management concepts. Furthermore, it will facilitate the ability to communicate between technical experts, managers and institutional leaders. Above all, at the end of the program, participants will be able to make informed decisions which will benefit the team and the organization.

The program offers the ideal balance between the most advanced theory and best management practices, through the use of case studies, self-assessment and a simulator.

Main Benefits

  • Learning key concepts, nomenclature and management language;
  • Understanding and ability to analyse the key financial and accounting documents;
  •  Knowledge about creating value and establishing a competitive position;
  •  Understanding of the main instruments and people management techniques;
  •  Access to the most updated information on performance evaluation metrics and organizational performance;
  • Tools applied to the functional areas of management: finance, strategy, marketing and human resources;
  • Self-assessment at the beginning and end of the program, so as to identify a custom development plan knowledge.


João Costa Gomes

Business and Client Development Manager
Programa de Fundamentos de Gestão: Management Insights Program
"(...) the Management Insights Program has complemented the professional experience I have acquired throughout my career, leveraging my general skills by associating basic concepts in the area of Management."