Block I: The Basics of Marketing and Branding

1h Program Opening
7h Strategic Marketing and Fundamentals of Branding
3,5h The Power of Brands
3,5h Knowing the Consumer

Block II: Building and Creating a Brand

3,5h Brand Positioning
3,5h Brand Design and Elements
3,5h Marketing Mix of Branding
3,5h Communication and Branding

Block III: Measuring and Maximizing Brand Performance

3,5h Integrating Digital Media on Strategic Branding
3,5h Evaluation and Metrics of Branding
3,5h Management Strategies of Brand Portfolios
3,5h Global Branding

Block IV: Branding Practice and Brand Management

8h Marketing Simulator

Final Conference

2h Innovation in Managing Brands

Guest Speakers + Moderator


Executive Education - Open Programs

Tânia Sousa


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