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Catarina Novais

Brand Manager
Leading Brands: Programa de Branding e Gestão de Marcas

The Leading Brands program allowed me to refresh general knowledge of marketing but, above all, to deepen more specific areas, very useful in my day-to-day as Brand Manager. My congratulations to the Universidade Católica Portuguesa for the initiative to create a specific program on brand management in Portugal. I must also emphasize that, on a personal level, I had the opportunity to meet others working at brand management in a totally different business areas, which proved to be an extremely interesting experience.

Filipa Roldão

Brand Manager
Leading Brands: Programa de Branding e Gestão de Marcas

We live in a world of constant change, times of uncertainty and complexity that require focus and agility. The Leading Brands: Branding and Brands Management Program combines the best of marketing fundamentals with the mandatory agility in brand management. I believe that it was once again the right choice.

Isabel Dias

Brand Director
Leading Brands: Programa de Branding e Gestão de Marcas

Good articulation between academic concepts and the real world, taught by excellent teachers and by the best specialists of the "métier" of the portuguese market. The program provides a good update of contents and market trends. It covers all areas of the "Branding" providing in this way a structured know-how and a vision of the tools needed for the professionals in this area.

Mónica Balsemão

Marketing Director
Grupo Impresa
Leading Brands: Programa de Branding e Gestão de Marcas

The influence of technology on our daily lives is becoming increasingly profound and I considered important to invest in training to better adapt myself to the new challenges that the brand management requires.
The Leading Brands program is well structured, has a schedule adapted to reality of who attends and has competent and committed teachers who provide a good learning environment covering different areas and marketing trends.
With the participation in this program, I refreshed ideas, updated my knowledge, explored new concepts and increased my individual skills.

Pedro Pina

Managing Director
Google Europe - Global Brand Solutions
Leading Brands: Programa de Branding e Gestão de Marcas

O mundo das marcas está a atravessar uma revolução sem precedentes. As marcas tiveram de se ajustar e tornaram-se criadoras de conteúdos, curadoras de comunidades e líderes culturais. Este programa surge no momento mais emocionante de todos os tempos no mundo das marcas e prepara gestores para todos estes novos desafios.

Rita Baltazar

Partner Co-Founder & CEO
Leading Brands: Branding and Brands Management Program

I highly recommend the Leading Brands: Branding and Brands Management Program to all those who, directly or indirectly, work with brands and consumers. The program takes a very up-to-date approach to the challenges that companies encounter on a daily basis, and shares several strategies, properly integrated in the various communication platforms of a brand.
Even though I worked for more than 15 years in brand communication, I clearly felt the importance of updating marketing concepts related to the brand performance and new consumer behavior in a constantly evolving market.
The practical component of some modules make this program very unique in the area of brand management and with practical approaches that intelligently replace concepts that are typically theoretical.


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