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1h Program Opening
7h Digital Transformation Toolkit
3,5h Business Models and Digital Platforms
3,5h Big Data
7h Design Thinking
7h Digital Strategies
7h Communicating Change in Ways that Motivate Employees
7h Marketing Digital
3,5h Workshop: Concrete Cases of Digital Transformation in Portugal and Presentation of the Digital Transformation Maturityscape of the IDC

Oradores Convidados

7h Digital Transformation: Principles and Frameworks
7h Digital Transformation, Practical Application
3,5h Workshop: Service Design
4h Final Groupwork Presentations


Executive Education - Open Programs

Tânia Sousa


Phone: (+351) 217 227 801



Diogo Miragaia

Partner Sales Executive
Digital Transformation: Reinventar as Empresas na Era Digital
"This Executive Education has a structure very focused on the real problems of organizations, giving participants knowledge and experiences in the several relevant areas of digital transformation."