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"EDN is very proud that CATÓLICA-LISBON has accepted our invitation to start programs for Executives in Madeira and thus to provide the staff and companies of RAM with their recognized quality of teaching and considered as the Leading Business School in Portugal by the Financial Times."

José B. Câmara
CEO - Blandy Grupo Media


"For those who live on an island, even more with a small dimension, the sea tends to be regarded as a limitation, a condition for our development. I see the launch of the Executive Education in Madeira as an enormous opportunity that the Universidade Católica Portuguesa provides us to learn new contents and reaching the knowledge that will allow us to face the sea as an opportunity to expand and widen our horizons."

André Barreto 
Presidente da Delegação Regional da Madeira da Ordem dos Economistas


"The training of leadership skills under this project with CATÓLICA-LISBON in Madeira could not be more timely and is a key for the success of the RAM companies and organizations."

Fernando Pereira 
Human Resources Manager, Empresa de Cervejas da Madeira


"The relevance of professional training throughout the career of every professional will be more and more important in an increasingly competitive, global and well-prepared economy. Access to top training in Madeira helps us to break our insularity and allows us to fight on an equal footing with any professional worldwide."

André Caldeira 
General Manager Vila Porto Mare 


"I am pleased to express my satisfaction with the CATÓLICA-LISBON offer in Madeira, aware that the programs that will develop here will be fundamental, not only for a modern advocacy, increasingly dynamic and interactive, but also in the most diverse professional areas in permanent evolution."

Brício Martins de Araújo 
Presidente do Conselho Regional da Madeira da Ordem dos Advogados




Executive Education - Open Programs

Andreia Hidalgo


Phone: (+351) 214 269 846