The 3 Pillars of Professional and Personal Success: Communicating, Persuading And Negotiating


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Tânia Sousa


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13th edition: starts on April 26th, 2017

Schedule: download here (available in portuguese only)

Classes: 6 full days + coaching session, from 9:30 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. and 2:45 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Duration: 46,5 hours                                                      


Program Description

Numerous studies have shown that competences as comunicating in an interpersonal context, persuasion and influencing other, negotiating win-win solucions are becoming more one of the most important competences for success. Being so, every manager that wishes to succeed will have to excell in the challenging art of dealing with people.

The 3 Pillars program provides tools and strategies that enable individuals to improve their skills in terms of interacting with people, both internally within the organisation (colleagues, subordinates, bosses, employee committees, other departments) and externally (clients, suppliers, partners, regulatory and state entities, trade unions and other stakeholders), as well as in the various roles that every individual plays outside the professional sphere (family, friends, schools, leisure,...).

Main Benefits

  • Acquiring the tools to deal with complex situations of interpersonal relationships;
  • Enhanced self-awareness in terms of behavioural skills;
  • Further multifaceted knowledge by means of a 360º questionnaire filled in online;
  • Designing a personal development plan to improve communications, persuasive and negotiating skills;
  • Receive feedback and individual coaching about communication techniques and strategies for persuasion and negotiation.

Methodology: 360º Feedback and Individual Coaching

Developing each participant's skills in terms of communication, persuasion and negotiation by means of an intensive and hands-on approach. More than the passive acquisition of knowledge, this program seeks to reinforce attitudes that lead to permanent changes in behaviour. To this end, the program uses tools such as individual coaching, 360º feedback, oral and written practical exercises, case studies, individual and group role playing and analyses of films.


António Miguel Ribeirinho

Novadelta, S.A.
Os 3 Pilares do Sucesso Profissional e Pessoal: Comunicar, Persuadir e Negociar
"(...)I tried to deepen my knowledge with a program that would allow me to discover, explore and face new challenges in the development of communication strategies, negotiation and persuasion(...)".