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01. The deadline to register has ended. Can I still register and receive interns?

Yes, you can still register. Please follow the link to register here.

02. I haven't received any information about the Summer Interbship Program. 2016. Can I still register?

We are sorry that you haven't received information about the Summer Internship Program. Please register here.

03. Is there any cost involved to participate?

There are no costs involved in registering and participating in the Summer Internship Program. Any negotiations between the company and the student are independent of the program itself.

04. I am not yet sure if there will be any vacancies available in the summer. Should I register?

If you are not yet sure whether there will be any vacancies for interns, we advise you to register anyway, so you can receive any further information about the program.

05. How does the selection process work?

The selection process is solely managed by the company, so are any follow up contacts, such as invitations for interviews, etc.

06. Where can I place the internship offer?

The internship can be placed on our recruitment platform CareerNETwork. Should you have issues logging in, please send us an email to

07. What should I include in the internship offer?

The following elements should be addressed on the internship offer:  Description, student profile, place, starting date, if it is paid and the number of available spots. When you login you will be able to see the fields you need to complete to place the offer. 

08. How do I receive the applications?

When you are placing the offer online, you can select how you would like to receive the applications. The rule of thumb is by email.

09. Can CATÓLICA-LISBON help us selecting candidates?

The selection and recruitment process is entirely of the companies' responsibility.

10. Signing a protocol is compulsory?

Signing a protocol is not compulsory, it is your decision according to your needs. However, if a CATÓLICA-LISBON student is selected, even if you do not need a protocol, we would be grateful if you could just let us know.  

11. Where can I find the protocol and where should I send it to?

You can download our protocol here. You should sign it and post it to: Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Career Development Office, CATÓLICA-LISBON, Palma de Cima, 1649-023 Lisboa.

12. What are the benefits of signing a protocol?

The insurance will be activated if a protocol is signed. 

13. How can we activate the student's s insurance policy?

The insurance is managed by the school and will be activated after the protocol is signed by the three stakeholders (Company, Student and University).

14. What is the maximum duration of a summer internship?

The maximum duration of a summer internship is two/three months, between June and August, depending on classes calendar.

15. Does the internship has to be paid?

Compensation is an issue to be negotiated between the company and the student. The Career Development Office does not get involved in these negotiation, nor it can advise on standard compensation packages. 

16. The internship I have available at my company is mostly administrative. Should I register?

The nature of a summer internship can vary and can go from administrative tasks to a fully emersion in a strategic project. We recommend companies to give as many details as possible, so the intern understands what he/she is applying for. Anyway, it is an opportunity to get to know the different areas of the company and expand your network.